About the Macframe


I own a photo/video lab and originally designed the Macframe for myself. My retail space has overhead lighting and a large front window, so I was always working around glare and reflections on my iMac. One day while editing some photos, I decided I couldn't take it anymore. After watching some Youtube videos, I realized the problem wasn't the glossy screen, it's the glass cover that Apple puts over the glossy screen. 

It was a little scary removing the glass the first time, but it was actually very quick and easy. Once the glass was removed, I was immediately impressed by how much better the screen looked. The actual iMac LCD is still glossy, but by removing the outside glass, the amount of glare and reflections are significantly reduced. Plus, because I was no longer looking through a sheet of reflective glass, the display looked sharper. The only problem was that now my cool iMac looked like it was part of an iFixit teardown.

I contracted with a local fabrication company to design the first Macframe. My goal was to create a frame that matched the original look as close as possible. It took us several tries, but the I think the final result turned out great. I now love working on all 3 of my iMacs and actually prefer the LCD of the iMac to my other matte displays.


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