Will the Macframe work on late 2012 and newer "Thin Screen" iMacs? No. On all newer iMacs the cover glass is laminated to the LCD.

Does the Macframe give the iMac a matte screen?
No, the iMac still has a glossy screen. However, by removing the extra glass screen, the amount of glare and reflections are significantly reduced. Plus, by looking directly at the screen instead of through a sheet of glass, we think the display looks sharper. Now, we actually prefer working on our iMac screens instead of a matte screen.


Do I have to make any modifications to my iMac?
Other than removing the glass screen, there are no modifications to your iMac. Removing the original glass screen does not damage it in any way. It's actually designed to be removed in case your iMac ever needs service. 

How is the Macframe attached to my iMac?
The original glass screen is held in place by magnets around the screen. The Macframe is held tightly in place by those same magnets.

What is the Macframe made of?
It is laser cut from very thin steel and then powder coated black.

How does it look on my iMac?
We worked very hard to achieve a factory look. The Macframe is about the same thickness as the original glass screen. We designed it to follow the shape of the iMac, including radius corners at the top and a square frame at the bottom. We also included a small window at the top of the frame for the iChat camera and leds.


What happens when I need service for my iMac?
That's the great thing about the
Macframe. It's easy to install, but it's also easy to remove. When you need to take your iMac in for service, simply remove the Macframe and install the glass screen.

Is the Macframe available in any other color than black?
At this point the only color is black. If enough people are interested, we may start offering other colors. 

Can't I just remove the original glass without buying a Macframe?
Yes, if you don't mind if your iMac looks like it's in the middle of an iFixit teardown. 


What comes with my Macframe?
In addition to the Macframe, you get one large suction cup (to remove the glass screen) and one small suction cup to remove the Macframe should you need to do so. We also give you complete instructions on how to install your Macframe.

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